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The Lonely Host

After arriving at her BnB, Silvia quickly learns that her offbeat host isn't quite as harmless as she seems.

Featured Reviews

Nightmarish Conjurings
Horror Buzz

“From compelling characters to a clever plot, ‘The Lonely Host’ is the total package.”
-Adrienne Clark, Nightmarish Conjurings


“With impeccable performances from lead actresses Lulu Antariksa and Emily Chang, the film is well-paced and filled to the brim with tension.”
-Claire L. Smith, Morbidly Beautiful


“[The Lonely Host] takes you down one path but switches gears to another...It’s shot well, no need for crazy effects, and its simplicity adds to the believability.”
-Hannah Kaplan, HorrorBuzz

Awards & Accolades

Morbidly Beautiful

Top Ten Female Directed Shorts

- MorbidlyBeautiful

Released on Gunpowder and Sky Premiere Horror Channel Alter

Winner - The Lonely Host - Best Horror Comedy Short Film

-Seattle Film Festival, 2022


Winner - Emily C. Chang (The Lonely Host) - Best Actress in a Horror Comedy Short Film

Nominated - The Lonely Host - Best Short Film

Nominated - Lisa J Dooley (The Lonely Host) - Best Director Horror Comedy Short Film

- Fright Night International Horror Film Festival, 2020

Alter Laurel
Grimmfest2020 laurel

Light as a Feather

In the short horror film ‘Light as a Feather’, an homage to Nickelodeon’s ‘Are Your Afraid of the Dark?’, Zoe and Devin are scared sleepless after a ghost story is told at a sleepover. Are the Jessup Girls real, or have their imaginations run wild?

*Starring - Xochitl Gomez

Featured Reviews


There is a lot to like about this film. It reminds me of the old Goosebumps stories, in a way. [...]

The child actors in the film are quite good. No stilted delivery, no hesitation or precociousness.


“Light as a Feather [...] took me back to the days I watched Are You Afraid of the Dark..those days were the best!”
-Looks Creepy Cool

Awards & Accolades

Fun Size Horror
RFF_nom_short_film_black 2018

Fun Size Horror Original

- Official Selection

Winner - Light as a Feather - Best Sound Design

-LA Under the Stars, 2019


Nominated - Light as a Feather - Best Short Film

- Renegade (fka Women in Horror) Film Festival, 2018

Etheria 2018 Tour Selection No BG.png
RFF_nom_short_film_black 2018.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Hollywood Screenings Film Festival - 2018.png
CWFF Laurel
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Indie Suspense Horror Sci-Fi Film Festival - 2018.png
Ax Wound Laurel

Last Call

'LAST CALL' stars Kaitlyn Black ('Hart of Dixie') as a bartender whose co-worker is seduced by a bloodthirsty patron. It takes visual inspiration from the OG 'Suspiria' and other classic gothic horror cinema; it's a fun, sexy, moody bloodfest!

Featured Review


“Dooley is creatively clever with her stylistic approach and Last Call adds another layer to her craft.”
-Looks Creepy Cool

Awards & Accolades

Prime Video

Featured in Compilation 'Fun Size Horror's Shocktale Party, S1.E4 ∙ Filmmaker Spotlight: Lisa J. Dooley

- Amazon Prime

Featured in Compilation 'ETHERIA: Season 6'.


Shreikfest 2019
Mile High Horror Laurel
Midsummer Scream
Etheria 2019 Tour Selection


A young girl is buried alive with only a flashlight and pocketknife...but getting out is just the beginning.

Featured Reviews

“A complete story that artfully takes a phobia – being buried alive – and artfully expands it to show there are things worse than your worse nightmare.”
-Meet Mr.Karma,
Fun Size Horror Volume One Review

"[Persephone] is what Rodrigo Corte’s “Buried” should have been.'

-Adam the Movie God, Fun Size Horror Volume One Review

Meet Mr Karma

Awards & Accolades

Gravitas Ventures

Top Five Short Films Directed by Women

- Screamfest LA

Sold to Gravitas Ventures. Included in Compilation 'Fun Size Horror: Volume One

- Amazon Prime

Persephone Film Still
Prime Video
Fun Size Horror

Featured in Compilation 'Fun Size Horror's Shocktale Party, S1.E4 ∙ Filmmaker Spotlight: Lisa J. Dooley

- Amazon Prime

Fun Size Horror Original

- Official Selection

Ben is Dead

Struggling to connect with her family on the 15th anniversary of her twin brother's apparent suicide, Brittany James reaches out to her brother's childhood best friend, Luke, in an attempt to remember his life and finally let go of his death.

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Graduate Thesis Film

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